The Experience.

It's actually easier than you might think to be photographed professionally. My reputation is making each session not only result in beautiful photographs ('cause isn't that what we want?) but also a great experience. Many of my family clients once started when the kids were young, and the parents were worried about how it would go. We often see one another each year, and it's now often the kids who can't wait to be photographed!

And, the headshot. Yes, we all need them but most of us don't want to get them. I often visit companies at their location, and create awesome portraits in a short amount of time. I get it. We don't have time for these, but we need them!

Senior portraits. High school yearbook/senior portraits. Amazing. Yes, we create what you love for the yearbook, and so much more! Why not? You're a digital native, and have been more photographed than any other generation. We take advantage of that, and make something extra special as a result.

The wedding. Yes, the wedding photographer spends more time with the bride & groom on the wedding day than any other person. I'm all about making great images without turning a wedding into a photo shoot. We work together to make sure your wedding day is about you having lots of fun with your family and friends----AND have beautiful photos!

Write (at nadine.priestley@gmail.com) or call/text at 650.868.0977. It's my job to make your photography experience easy & fun! That's what I love doing!!!